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Lie detection and truth verification using the new advanced LAYERED VOICE ANALYSIS  is innovative, highly advanced computerized technology that is based on wide spectrum analysis of voice frequencies.

Calculations are made by a series of complex, sophisticated algorithms which extract more than 150 emotional data parameters from each voice segment. These are automatically analyzed and reflected in eight formulas relating to deception, emotional-, cognitive- and global stress, arousal and attention level.

LVA was described as ‘the window of what the subject is thinking’ and ‘mapping the DNA of thought’ by various international investigative agencies.

This technology is internationally proved to be reliable as the well trusted polygraph and is even more versatile and flexible in investigative assistance than its older brother.

The Layered Voice Analysis was developed, tested and approved by the MOSSAD and is the only reliable system that can do an analysis per telephone or pre recorded interview.

The LVA system is, like all truth verification systems, developed to be an investigative focus tool. It has been practically evaluated by international universities (UNISA and University of Durban Westville in RSA).

This company is accredited by NEMESYSCO CORPORATION ISRAEL, license number 590-511906983.

A  trained LVA analyst is able to:

  • Conduct a voice ‘polygraph’
  • Detect deception in a conversation
  • Verify the truth in a statement
  • Do pre-occupational scanning
  • Conduct loyalty tests
  • Conduct a remote analysis per telephone

Layered Voice Analysis can be used in the investigation of:

  • Rhino/Endangered species incidents
  • Fraud/theft/any other alleged crime/lost or misconduct in the company
  • Verify allegations of sexual harassment
  • Verify the validation of a CV / drivers license
  • Verify the loyalty of personnel
  • The credibility of a witness
  • Insurance claims
  • A criminal record
  • Drug / alcohol use, etc.

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